Urban Forest Master Plan

Urban Forest Master Plan Collage

Steward Nature: Updating Natural Resource Plans Coming Soon

With input from you, Arlington County will be updating its Urban Forest Master Plan and Natural Resources Management Plan in the new Forestry and Natural Resources PlanLearn more. 

The Urban Forest Master Plan extends beyond County planting and pruning schedules to include a variety of long-term goals, strategies and priorities that address tree canopy in a comprehensive, systematic manner. In order to be successful, the community was involved in formulating and reviewing recommendations that will have long-range impacts on the character of Arlington’s neighborhoods and the sustainability of its green infrastructure.


The Master Plan outlines the following implementation items in Appendix IV:

  • Improve Arlington’s urban forest canopy coverage
  • Encourage the preservation and planting of trees on private property
  • Ensure thorough education and outreach that all stakeholders appreciate the value of Arlington’s trees and what is necessary for their stewardship
  • Improve coordination and communication regarding County tree regulations, policies and planting preservation standards and guidelines
  • Ensure that tree planting and preservation are important elements of our streetscapes
  • Preserve existing wooded parks and natural areas, and plant trees in parks, natural areas and other public open spaces to improve Arlington’s overall tree canopy
  • Ensure that urban forest maintenance practices continue to improve the quality of tree canopy in Arlington so that potential benefits are maximized for the community