Transit Stations Project Review

2014 Project review

The County Manager conducted a comprehensive review of the program in 2014 because the prototype Walter Reed East Station, formerly called a “Super Stop,” cost too much, took too long to build and had some functional problems, including poor weather protection. Reports and presentations documenting this review are listed below:

Improved design and project management

The new transit station design concept includes several key improvements compared to the Walter Reed prototype:

  • Larger roof and side windscreens to enhance coverage area and weather protection
  • Reduced footprint to improve pedestrian circulation and ADA accessibility
  • Seating that is more comfortable, covered and flexible

Arlington is also implementing several project management changes. For future Columbia Pike transit stations, the County will:

  • Directly oversee construction – All consultants and contractors will work directly for the County. In comparison, Arlington designed the Super Stop prototype and WMATA managed its construction.
  • Control costs throughout design and construction – This includes identifying risks early in project development, and enhanced monitoring and management of costs.

Factory assembled stations

The County Board voted in October 2016 to further reduce costs for the Transit Stations project by choosing a design concept that includes the option of the stations being partially assembled in a factory, rather than built in place. The Board reaffirmed the “kit-of-parts” design concept, introduced in May 2014, which offers high-quality design and materials for the 23 planned stations.

Partially assembling the stations at a factory and then installing them on-site could reduce estimated project costs and minimize construction impacts by reducing the time needed for on-site construction.