Columbia Pike Premium Transit Network


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Transit Stations construction

Platforms and foundations have been completed for the first 8 stations along Columbia Pike. Twenty-three stations will be constructed in total. Visit the project page for details.

Premium Transit service

The first phase of Columbia Pike Premium Transit service was implemented in June 2018. It included a restructuring of the Metrobus 16 Line route (11 route patterns streamlined to 5, with a net increase in service), Metrobus schedule improvements, and introduction of an updated logo for “Pike Ride.”

In spring 2023, the second phase of Premium Transit service is planned to be implemented. This will include the Metrobus 16M, which will replace the 16G/H/K and provide high-frequency service connecting Skyline, Columbia Pike, Pentagon City and Crystal City. Arlington is working through WMATA’s budgeting process for the 16M, since it will be a regional route serving Fairfax County and Arlington that requires funding support from regional partners.

About the Project

A major feature of the County’s 10-year plan for transit improvements is creation of a Premium Transit Network connecting Columbia Pike, Pentagon City and Crystal City. The premium network will offer bus service that is fast, frequent, reliable and easy to use, with features including simplified routes, increased weekday and weekend service, and a new one-seat bus ride from Skyline to Pentagon City-Crystal City.

Bus service

The Premium Transit Network will feature three different types of service to meet the needs of different riders in the Columbia Pike and Crystal City-Pentagon City corridors:
  1. Local connector service – A new, branded Metrobus route (replacing the 16G/H/K) will connect Skyline and Crystal City, serving every transit station on Columbia Pike and offering a direct connection to office and retail in each corridor.
  2. Limited-stop service – Simplified limited-stop Metrobus service will provide commuters with frequent, faster trips along Columbia Pike from Fairfax to the Pentagon and points in DC.
  3. Neighborhood connections – Enhanced service on ART 41, 45 and 74 will link nearby neighborhoods to Columbia Pike and Crystal City and improve connections to the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.


All of the transit service along the Premium Transit Network will benefit from passenger amenities aimed at creating a system that is fast, frequent and easy to understand. These amenities will be phased in and include:

  • Transit stations – The stations will provide a comfortable passenger experience with near-level boarding and real-time bus arrival information to make the system easier to use.
  • Off-vehicle fare collection – Paying your bus fare at the station before you board, instead of on the bus as you board, will speed service by reducing dwell times at stops.
  • Transit signal priority – This is a way to reduce delays for buses at signalized intersections and help reduce travel times for bus riders.
  • Branded vehicles and information – Will make transit easy to identify and understand.