Ballston-MU Metro Station West Entrance


Intersection of North Fairfax Drive and North Vermont Street, Arlington, VA 22203  View Map

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In Design

About the Project

This project will design and construct a full entrance at the west end of the Ballston-MU Metrorail Station. A second station entrance will improve access from the Glebe Road area and growing development in the western part of Ballston. The project will also improve egress in the event of an emergency incident requiring evacuation from the station and train platforms.

The new entrance will be located at the intersection of North Fairfax Drive and North Vermont Street and will include two street-level elevators and either escalators or stairs connecting to an underground passageway and new mezzanine with stairs and elevators to the train platform. The new entrance will have fare gates, fare vending machines, and a station manager kiosk. Additionally, street-level improvements will provide transit connections, allowing for greater accessibility for all of Arlington’s residents.

Arlington County is leading project design and construction in cooperation with WMATA and adjacent property owners. WMATA will own and operate the new west entrance as part of the Metrorail system.

Public Process

The community will be kept informed as the design process moves forward.


Funding for the project includes state funding, regional funds from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and private developer contributions. The County Board approved local funds for the project, and the County is seeking additional state and regional funding to fully fund the project.