18th Street South Realignment


18th Street South between South Clark-Bell Street and Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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Preliminary Proposal

This project is in the preliminary design phase.

About the Project

The purpose of this project is to complete the new alignment of 18th Street South between Route 1 and Crystal Drive and improve multimodal connectivity to and from the Crystal City Metrorail Station, MetroWay stop and the planned future location of the Crystal City VRE Station. The 18th Street South Realignment project is a goal of both the Crystal City Sector Plan and Crystal City Multimodal Transportation Study, and is a key easy-west corridor for the Crystal City Bike Network (CCBN).

Through the public process for the CCBN, transportation planning staff developed an initial cross-section for this corridor. The project team anticipates carrying  this general alignment into a concept design.


Featured improvements include:

  • New sidewalks
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic signal reconfiguration
  • Pick-up/Drop Off facilities
  • Protected bike lanes in both directions
  • Two vehicle travel lanes in both directions

Additional coordination will occur between adjacent projects, including:

  • Metro Market Square Park
  • 1900 Crystal Drive
  • Crystal City Metro East Entrance
  • Crystal City Bike Network



This project is funded by local revenues, including funding from Arlington’s Transportation Capital Fund and an Arlington fund dedicated to infrastructure investment in Crystal City.