2250 Crystal Drive / 223 23rd St. S. – Crystal Plaza 5


The 681,168 sq. ft. (15.6 acres) site is located at 2250 Crystal Drive and 223 23rd Street S., in the Crystal City neighborhood. The site is currently occupied by the Crystal Plaza 5 office building at 223 23rd Street S. and a one-story retail building along Crystal Drive. The site is bordered by Crystal Drive to the east, 23rd Street to the south, the WeLive Crystal City apartment and coworking building to the west, and Crystal Plaza Apartments and the 2200 Crystal Drive office building to the north., Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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Under Review

This reports the status related to Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulation 4.1).

About the Project 

Site Plan #464
  • Staff Presentation on Background and Zoning | Slides
  • Applicant Overview of the Proposal | Slides

The applicant, JBG Smith, proposes to redevelop the site (“Crystal Plaza 5”) and construct two new multifamily residential towers with ground floor retail space.   Additional project details include:

  • Rezoning (Z-2619-19-1): to rezone the area of the new site plan for Crystal Plaza 5 from “C-O” Mixed Use District to “C-O Crystal City” Mixed Use Crystal City district.
  • Crystal City Block Plan: Block Plan for “Block M” as required by the proposed rezoning above.
  • Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) Amendment (SP #454): an amendment to the existing “Crystal City PDSP” (SP #454) to incorporate the new site plan into the PDSP.
  • Site Plan Amendment (SP #11): site plan amendment to remove 93,732 sq. ft. from the existing SP #11.
  • New Site Plan (#464): a new site plan and development proposal to demolish the existing Crystal Plaza 5 (223 23rd Street S.) and retail shops (2250 Crystal Drive) and construct two (2) new multifamily residential buildings with ground floor retail, totaling approximately 12.01 FAR and including:
    • Site area of 93,732 sq. ft. (2.396 acres)
    • “West Tower” (223 23rd Street S.)
      • 30 stories
      • 613 dwelling units (du)
      • 4,379 sq. ft. of retail
      • 309 feet in height
      • 0.30 parking spaces per du (184 total spaces)
      • 15% compact spaces
    • “East Tower” (2250 Crystal Drive)
      • 30 stories
      • 827 dwelling units (du)
      • 13,059 sq. ft. of retail
      • 304 feet in height
      • 0.30 parking spaces per du (249 total spaces)
      • 13% compact spaces
    • New 8,670 sq. ft. public park space (“Park #10”) on 23rd Street S.
    • New 3,300 sq. ft. public plaza space (“Park #11”) with connection to Crystal Drive
    • Replacement of existing Underground pedestrian concourse segment and new egress location at the Park #11 space
  • Proposed modifications for:
    • Bonus density
    • Density exclusions
    • Required residential parking (0.3 spaces per unit)
    • Required loading spaces 

Applicant Materials

November 2021

Public Process

  • This project will undergo public review via a virtual Site Plan Review Process. Learn more.
  • The SPRC Chair for the site plan review process is: James Schroll, jmschroll@gmail.com
Timeline Milestone / Meeting Materials
November 1, 2021 Site Plan Acceptance  
TBD Site Plan Review Process Kick-off  
TBD Online Engagement Opportunity   
TBD Virtual Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meeting   
TBD Planning Commission Meeting 
TBD County Board Meeting

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.

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