Fire Station No. 8 Replacement


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The current Fire Station 8 facility is expected to begin demolition the first week of May 2022. The above-ground structure has been demolished but the basement still remains for demolition. This process is expected to last through the mid-June 2022.

Existing Fire Station No.8

Demolition work hours are Monday through Friday, approximately 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

As part of the demolition of the Fire Station 8 structure, people can expect to see and hear the following:

  • Installation of erosion and sediment control and stormwater pollution prevention (this work is complete)
  • Demolition of the building, after protections are installed
  • Dump trucks will be carrying away the debris after demolition
  • Demolition of two large fuel tanks after the building is demolished. This will involve excavation, but is not expected to make as much noise as previous phases.  
  • A number of small trees near the corner of Langston and Culpepper will be removed 
  • Minor utility work to be done on North Culpepper Street and Langston Boulevard

Following demolition of the structure and necessary permitting, the team will begin preparations for construction of the new facility.

About the Project

Project Update: After a brief hiatus, the design of the new Fire Station No. 8 resumed on October 1, 2020.

In September 2015, and after a rigorous public process to identify new sites for Fire Station No. 8., the County Board appointed the Fire Station No. 8 Task Force and charged the group with reviewing these siting options for a replacement station. The Task Force held several meetings and ultimately recommended building a new four-bay station in the location of the existing station at 4845 Lee Highway. In July 2016 the County Board accepted the Task Force recommendation and voted to build a new Fire Station No. 8 at its current location.

In January 2017, the County Board approved the acquisition of three parcels to use as a temporary location for Fire Station No. 8, while the new one is being built. The parcels, located at 2211, 2215 and 2217 N. Culpeper Street, are immediately adjacent to the existing station – this keeps the station in the same general area and affords minimal disruption in fire operations.

Combining the acquired parcels with the existing fire station site will offer efficiency and cost savings in construction of both the temporary and new permanent station. The temporary location is expected to include temporary engine bay structures on the 2211 and 2215 parcels and the living quarters will be located in the existing 2217 N. Culpeper Street building.

The Fire Station No. 8 History and Legacy (FS8HL) working group was established in January 2018 and charged to develop and recommend strategies to recognize, emphasize and honor the history and legacy of the Hall’s Hill/High View Park Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Station No. 8. The findings of the working group are available online.


Date Engagement/Feedback Documents
November 18, 2020 PFRC Meeting #6 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #6
December 11, 2019 PFRC Meeting #5 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #5
October 16, 2019 PFRC Meeting #4 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #4
September 18, 2019 PFRC Meeting #3 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #3
June 26, 2019 PFRC Meeting #2 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #2
June 12, 2019 Community Meeting #1 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Community Meeting #1
May 1, 2019 PFRC Meeting #1 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #1

Public Process

2015 public process 


Funding identified in the 2019-2028 CIP and provided through other various funding sources.