Engagement Approach

The County has designed a multi-layered engagement approach to communicate, consult, involve and collaborate with a broad set of stakeholders throughout the Plan Langston Boulevard process. The following community engagement framework will guide this effort.

 Plan Langston Blvd Community Engagement Framework

Appointed Community Forum and Working Group Members

Bold* – indicates Working Group Member

Groups  Member
Paul Holland
Sandra Chesrown
Langston Boulevard Alliance (LBA)
LBA Representative*
LBA Representative


Ginger Brown
Pamela Gillen

Civic Associations
Arlington East Falls 
Donaldson Run
Lyon Village
North Highland
Old Dominion
Tara-Leeway Heights
Waycroft Woodlawn
Waverly Hills

Franz Gimler
Jim Todd
Bill Richardson
Laura Johnson
Wilma Jones
Tom Wolfe
Andrew Rude
Patrick Brennan
Antoinette Quagliata
Mike Hogan
Bill Braswell
Diane Kelly
Tyler Wilson
Mike Cantwell


Business and Property Owners

Chamber of Commerce* 
District Taco
Lebanese Taverna
Arlington Partnership for Afford. Housing (APAH)
Combined & Central Properties*
MTF Architecture

Scott Pedowitz

Jennifer Hoil
Grace Shea
Devica Wimalkantha
Laura London
Tad Lunger
Michael Foster


Renters and Condominium Associations

Fountain Court Condominium 
Lorcom House
Residences at Lyon Hill
2125 19th St N Apartment Building


Allison Lewis
Elaine Furlow
Eddie Tsibulevskiy

At-Large Representatives

Public Schools (PTA)
Young Families
Youth Advocacy
Culture and Heritage*
Housing Advocacy


Gordon Mantler
Robert Schlossberg
Karen Toto
Jane Metcalfe
Chris Forinash
Katie Atwater
Saundra Green
Michelle Winters

Advisory Boards and Commissions 
APS Facilities Advisory Commission (FAC) 
Arts Commission
Bicycle Advisory Committee
Commission on Aging Disability Advisory
Commission Economic Development
Commission Environment & Energy Conservation
Commission Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB)
Housing Commission*
Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) 
Park & Recreation Commission*
Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Planning Commission*
Transportation Commission*
Transit Advisory Committee
Urban Forestry


Laura Saul Edwards
David Carlson
Elizabeth Kiker
Cragg Hines
Doris Ray
Carol Rakatansky
Richard Woodruff
Ben Arthur
Kathleen McSweeney
Cindy Krech
Tom Korns
Jim Lantelme
Richard Price
Richard Price
Caroline Haynes

Community Forum

The County Manager-appointed Community Forum is a team of community members that are convened at key milestones during the planning process to provide feedback on the proposed vision, goals, objectives, analyses, recommendations and implementation tools and serve as liaisons to facilitate broader community engagement. Specifically, the Community Forum is charged with:

  • Providing leadership and input on the broad and localized perspectives on the proposed vision, goals, objectives, analyses, recommendations and implementation tools;
  • Serving as liaisons to keep LHA, neighborhoods, business owners, property owners and others informed of ongoing discussions and to seek feedback to share with the full Community Forum;
  • Providing periodic input to staff on its analysis, land use scenarios, concept plans, and recommendations at several major milestones of this effort including:
    • Refining the vision, as expressed in the Visioning Study and defining character areas along the corridor
    • Developing and evaluating land use scenarios
    • Identifying recommendations for network‐wide elements, including assessment of outcomes and impacts
    • Refining goals and determining a preferred concept plan
    • Reviewing a draft plan and recommendations
    • Identifying/strategizing on implementation tools
  • Participating in focus group meetings as needed; and
  • Identifying issues that may need additional input from the County Board Liaison and/or County Board members

Working Group

A 10-member subset of the Community Forum will form the study’s Working Group and convene at periodic check-ins between milestones to serve as a sounding board for staff. Specifically, the Working Group is charged with:

  • Meeting with staff on a frequent basis (schedule TBD);
  • Regularly attending Community Forum meetings and, as needed, focus group meetings;
  • Assisting staff with preparation of and debrief from Community Forum and focus group meetings and community workshops, including agenda setting and framing discussion topics by:
    • Acting as a sounding board for staff in identifying issues and recommendations;
    • Reviewing staff/contractor analyses for clarity, comprehensiveness, and alignment with issues;
    • Bringing insight and information from different stakeholders (e.g., LHA, neighborhood, property and business owner, and commission perspectives);
    • Synthesizing feedback from other community groups (Community Forum, focus groups, advisory boards/commissions, and broader community input); and
    • Formulating preferences to inform working recommendations that will be presented to the Community Forum and the broader public for feedback at key milestones through the process;
  • With staff, periodically providing updates to the County Manager as needed;
  • Identifying issues that may need additional input from the County Board Liaison and/or County Board members; and
  • Identifying when additional input from other Community Forum members is needed as part of Working Group meetings.

Focus Groups

Focus group meetings and agendas will be scheduled by staff when needed to address issues based on geography, a particular neighborhood or set of neighborhoods, or a topic area. Focus
group meetings will allow for additional discussion of issues flagged at Community Forum meetings, to share additional information, and to resolve issues when possible. Examples of potential focus group meetings include: the Lee Highway Alliance, geographic subareas, housing, transportation, public space or other topic-based groups, and business or property owner focus groups.

General Public

The general public is invited to attend all Community Forum and focus group meetings. In addition, larger public meetings and events will be convened at targeted milestones in the process. Additional opportunities for engagement, such as online surveys or engagements tools, will be shared with the broader community. All process updates will be shared via the public website and project email list. Subscribe here to stay informed.