Forestry and Natural Resources Plan Overview & Timeline

The Forestry and Natural Resources Plan (FNRP) is an update to the 2004 Urban Forest Master Plan and the 2010 Natural Resources Management Plan. This plan will collectively address the conservation, planting, and management of trees and unique ecosystems in Arlington County.

PSMP Sub-Element: Forestry and Natural Resources Plan

The scope of this project includes an analysis of Arlington’s existing conditions and planning for a greater future. Research methods in the forms of benchmarking, focus groups and community engagement will help inform many components of this plan. This plan will cover topics regarding impacts and opportunities related to Arlington’s tree canopy, natural lands, urban development, wildlife, recreation, public education and stewardship among others.

The FNRP is a sub-element of the 2019 Public Spaces Master Plan, a component of the County’s Comprehensive Plan that identifies the major public space needs of the community.

Take a look at the project timeline here (click to enlarge) :

 project-timeline(JPG, 192KB)   

Our consultant on the project is the Greener Arlington Team. Lead by American Forests with assistance from Biohabitats, ETM Associates and SavATree.