Streetlight Pole Identification Protocol

Streetlight designers shall reference the following guidelines and examples to assign pole identification codes (streetlight pole numbers) when installing County-owned streetlights in the County. Streetlight designers shall assign these pole numbers during the design phase and shall make part of the approved lighting plan. The pole numbers shall be shown on the approved plan as shown in the Standard 14140-03 in the Arlington County Lighting Standards.

Mid-block and Median Guidelines and Examples

Example of mid-block and median identification decal

Streetlight poles are considered mid-block poles when they do not share an electrical meter with signal equipment. Streetlight poles often do not have signal equipment attached to them.


Example of decal: 1400 block of N. Adams St.; Pole # 1.

Intersection Lighting Guidelines and Examples

Examples of intersection identification decal

Intersection streetlight poles typically have signal equipment on them and share an electrical meter with signal equipment.

Streetlight Pole Decal Specifications

Decals can be silk screened or digitally printed. A sample of the decal or drawing may be required for approval. The list of numbers will be provided by the county.

Streetlight Poles Maps and Tables

To identify street codes, block numbers and intersection IDs, reference the following maps and tables: