Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR or LPR)

Why is COR using the ALPR?

The Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue (“COR”) has purchased an automatic license plate reader (“ALPR”) system to aid its enforcement staff to ensure that all vehicles regularly garaged in the county follow the registration, licensure and personal property taxation provisions of Virginia law and the Arlington County Code.  This system replaces one in which enforcement staff gathered the same information manually, using the County decal as a tool, paper lists and logs of vehicles.  Click here for the Commissioner of Revenue’s Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Policy.

Is the taxpayer information kept confidential?

The ALPR system will be used in a manner dedicated first and foremost to protection of personal privacy and the confidentiality of taxpayer information.  COR staff will collect only that information necessary to carry out its duty under Virginia law to identify and assess all taxable property in the county and no more.  The limited ALPR Data collected will be maintained for no longer than necessary to conduct this mission.

Is COR working with ACPD on this program?

No, this is not a police program.  License plate cameras are owned and operated by COR to enforce the vehicle personal property (VPP) tax filing requirement in Arlington County.  The information collected will not be shared with any county, state or any other outside entities, unless required pursuant to a valid court order or compulsory legal process.

What type of information are the cameras looking for?

The cameras will collect license plate records that are not currently properly registered with the county.  Vehicles identified as properly registered with the County will be rejected by the camera operation team and no data collected regarding them.

Will COR share the data they collect?

Arlington County Government will not sell, rent or lease or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information. Information may be shared with entities who are contractually acting on behalf of the County.  Such entities are governed by this privacy policy with respect to the use of these data and are bound by the appropriate confidentiality agreements.  Data collected on the Contractor-maintained ALPR server is deleted every twenty-four hours.

Will the data collected be secure?

Once collected, ALPR Data will be stored and accessed securely as part of a system designed to prevent unauthorized access.  ALPR Data and the tax records we maintain are confidential taxpayer information.  ALPR data will not be voluntarily shared with anyone else and will only be used for tax compliance purposes.

Are Arlington County taxpayers able to report vehicles of suspected tax evaders?

COR’s Taxpayer Improvement Program Service (TIPS) identifies and collects taxes from apparent tax evaders, including those who evade vehicle personal property taxes.  For more information, visit or call 703-228-3030.