Local Motor Vehicle License Fee

Arlington County Code §27-11.1 requires all vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles to be listed for property taxes within sixty (60) days of the vehicle first acquiring situs or becoming taxable in Arlington County.  In addition, an annual local motor vehicle registration fee is imposed on all registered vehicles per the requirements in the Arlington County Code Section 14.2-69.  The fee is billed with the annual Vehicle Personal Property Tax bills that are sent by the Arlington County Treasurer.

Transfers and Refunds:  Per Arlington County Code 14.2-75, no refund of the County motor vehicle license fee shall be allowed except when proof is provided that the fee was paid in error.

The annual motor vehicle license fee is not prorated and will be payable in full for all vehicles with situs in the County during any portion of a given year.

As of July 1, 2019, the Arlington County decal will no longer need to be displayed.  This is separate from Residential Permit Parking Districts and the required Virginia state safety inspection sticker.

Arlington County Motor Vehicle License Fees:

  • Automobiles – $33.00
  • Taxis – $23.00
  • Motorcycles – $18.00
  • Trailers – no charge

Vehicle Registration fees do not apply to vehicles:

The following applicants are entitled to exemptions from the Motor Vehicle Registration fee on one and only one vehicle:

For more information about personal property tax relief, or to find out if you qualify for an exemption, email the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office or call 703-228-3135.