Photos by Arlington County and James P. Beirne                                           


Bennett Park Apartments
1601 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209

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Artwork Details

Artist: Wendy Ross
Material: Welded stainless steel
Installed: 2007

This open-armature sculpture by Wendy Ross is part of a series inspired by tiny marine protozoa called radiolaria. These minute marine protozoa possess filament-like pseudopodia, or protrusions that assist in locomotion, flotation, and gathering food. The symmetrical structure endures beyond the organism’s demise as an intricate and delicate skeleton with a central capsule-like form. Here, Ross has deposited a skeletal form, reminiscent of radiolaria. Radiating discs give Radiolaria the appearance of mobility, as though a gust of wind could propel the form off of its base.

The sculpture is located in the publicly accessible Art Atrium at Bennett Park Apartments.

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Funded by Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT).