Disputes & Appeals

Deadline Extensions: The Stormwater Utility dispute & appeals deadline has been extended to July 15.


Dispute and appeal submissions must be filed through the Report a Problem tool below. Disputes may only be submitted within 45 days of the bill issuance.  

Report a Problem


The disputes & appeals deadline is July 15 for the June bill and October 20 for the October bill.


Example: Report a Problem dropdown menu


The Stormwater Utility Program Manager shall make a determination within 45-calendar days of receipt of a completed dispute submission. If the Stormwater Utility Program Manager finds that the application is deficient/incomplete, the property owner will be notified and will have 10 calendar days to supply any missing information. The 45-calendar day timeline for a decision will begin once all requested information is provided. If that information is not provided within 10 calendar days of the original request, the dispute will be considered withdrawn.





You may file an appeal for two dispute types if a denial has been issued: Error Regarding Customer Class and/or Error Regarding Square Footage of Impervious Area

Two Appeal Options

You will need your dispute determination letter to file an appeal as the application for appeal will require the dispute ID number and date of the dispute decision letter.

Dispute Denial Letter