Affordable Dwelling Units

An Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a property made available for purchase to qualified first-time homebuyer households with moderate incomes. It is subject to restrictive covenants that require it to be affordable in perpetuity. 

The ADU program currently consists of 62 units. When new construction units become available, they are sold through random selection lottery only. Additional requirements:

  • Property values and tax assessments align with annual percentage increases in Area Median Income (AMI). Property must be sold and resold to moderate-income households for the restricted price.
  • At re-sale: Value of home will be the original purchase price plus annual increases in Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Area Median Income (AMI). 





Open Opportunities

Axumite Village

Contact the Housing Division for information on currently available ADUs: 

Learn more(PDF, 379KB).


  • Two townhouse-style affordable dwelling units – all 2 BR (913-949 sq. ft.)
  • Purchase price: $369,300
  • Monthly condo fee: $169
  • Parking: $25,000
  • Learn more(PDF, 379KB) about the information listed above.




2000 Clarendon (2021)


Key and Nash (2018)


Carver Homes (2017)