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Phone Numbers by Category

Building Permit Process
Examples: permit requirements, questions about existing permits and permit history.

Child Care Services
Examples: opening a child care center or family day care home.

Code Enforcement 
Examples: condition of private property/maintenance issues, noise complaints, blight, building standards and building code.

Environmental Services 
Examples: right-of-way permits, dumpster permits, driveways, new water and sewer permits.

Health, Food, Pools and Hotels
Examples: restaurants, mobile food units and environmental health.

Online Permitting Technical Support
Examples: technical support and questions about Arlington’s online permitting system: Permit Arlington.
Online: Submit a request for technical support.

Examples: current development, comprehensive planning, urban design and entitlement.

Zoning – General
Examples: setbacks and building placement, fences and decks, accessory structures, home occupation, enforcement and Zoning Ordinance.