Utility Damage Prevention

Public Utilities

For assistance with damage to public utilities, select from the following or call the Customer Call Center at 703-228-5000, Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.:

Utility Marking

Call Miss Utility by dialing “811” 72 hours prior to excavating.

In accordance with the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act (“Miss Utility Law”), Arlington identifies and marks the location of all County-owned utilities, which include water, sanitary, street lights, and traffic signal lines. We consider any service line (e.g. sanitary sewer and water service laterals) running from a utility main to a building to be a private utility and therefore, don’t mark it. The purpose of the utility marking is to prevent loss of life, damage to property and the environment, and economic loss caused by damage to underground utility lines.

The damage prevention fee, included in all public right-of-way, building, plumbing, sign, fence and demolition permit charges, covers the cost of the Utility Marking Service Contract (PDF) and its administration.

Private Utilities

To report a hazardous condition or damaged utility line, like dangling electric, telephone and cable lines, or a disturbed gas main, contact one of the following companies. If you’re unsure of the type of utility line, call 911 to report.

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