Streamlined Stormwater Management

This program was developed to simplify stormwater management regulations for moderate scale single family home projects.

Projects eligible for the streamlined program will benefit from simpler and lower cost plans, faster review times, and reduced installation costs by using a standard dry well design and not having to hire a professional engineer. Applicants with permits currently under review have the option to submit a plan revision (with no additional fees), if their project meets the requirements.

Staff established three criteria to separate moderate scale projects—eligible for the simplified process—from those with more significant impacts which require the engineering plans and stormwater mitigation necessary to address neighbor-neighbor and cumulative stormwater impacts. These criteria are evaluated in addition to the State-established regulatory threshold of 2,500 square feet of land disturbance and include:

  1. New impervious rooftops and pavement is less than 750 square feet. This accounts for the new stormwater impact from the project.
  2. New and changed impervious area is less than 2,000 square feet. This accounts for the overall change in building configuration, grading and runoff patterns.
  3. Total impervious area on the lot is less than 3,200 square feet. This accounts for the total stormwater impact from the project.

Tree Compliance 


Simplified Stormwater Management Requirements for Certain Single Family Home Projects (Original program announcement 12/13/17)

If you are planning a home renovation project and would like to see if it qualifies for this streamlined program, email

Single family home redevelopment is consistently the largest source of new stormwater runoff and pollution from all building activity in Arlington. If the County did not require stormwater management for single family homes, Arlington would have to make up for the additional pollution from these private projects by installing stormwater projects on public lands at public expense. Arlington’s stormwater management requirements also help to protect neighbors from impacts of increased runoff from the new or expanded homes.