Permit Office Fee Schedules

Permit Office fee schedules provide the range of fees charged for building and land development. Fees include permitting, plan review, enforcement, inspection, service delivery and performance agreements, and conditions.

There are separate fee schedules for the Inspection Services Division (ISD), the Zoning Division and the Department of Environmental Services (DES). Some permits involve fees from more than one schedule. Some fees are a onetime flat payment. Others depend on factors such as the amount of land or floor area involved in a project.

Fee Schedules

Payment Methods

Instructions for payment and the total fee amount due is provided to applicants after an application is submitted and reviewed by staff.


Online payments are fast, convenient, and easy to track. Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) or eCheck.

  • There is no additional fee when paying via eCheck.
  • Credit cards are subject to a 2.5% fee. Debit cards may only be used if processed as a credit card and are subject to the same fee.
  • All Permit Arlington permits can be paid for online through your account in the Permit Arlington customer portal.
  • All other permit, application, and certification fees can be paid through the online payment page
    • Note: Online payment is the only option for LDA/Stormwater Permits.

In-Person and by Mail

In-person and mailed payments are currently suspended due to the Arlington County Permit Office closure.


You can request a refund in writing for permit expenses under some circumstances, such as cancellation of a project. The time to allow for processing a refund request varies among the three offices involved in permitting.

Inspection Services Division (ISD)

* The original filing fee (35% of the total permit fee) will not be refunded if no permit is issued.


Zoning Division
  • Zoning refunds must be requested in writing using the Refund Request Form(PDF, 646KB) .
  • Submit requests in person, by mail, or by email to
  • Allow four to six weeks for refund request processing.
  • The amount of a Zoning fee refund depends on the application type and the progress of staff review, as stated in the Zoning Ordinance §15.1.5 and summarized below.

* When the Zoning Administrator withdraws an application—meaning it was accepted in error, as in the case of a request that is prohibited under the Zoning Ordinance—100% of Zoning fees are refunded.


Department of Environmental Services (DES)
  • DES issues refunds for canceled work or improper fees.
  • All refunds must be requested in writing following this Refund Request Template.
  • Submit requests in person, by mail or by email to Jerome L. Miller II or Steve Bridgett.
  • Allow up to nine weeks for refund request processing.