FY 2025 Proposed Budget

Read the FY 2025 All-in-One Proposed Budget(PDF, 18MB)

County Board Budget Work Session Schedule

The County Manager presented his Proposed FY 2025 Budget to the County Board at the monthly Board meeting in February. In the coming months, the Board will engage in a series of work session with County departments, commissions and schools to determine the FY 2025 adopted budget.

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FY 2025 Proposed Budget by Section


Section A - Budget Summaries(PDF, 1MB)

  • Fund Descriptions
  • Expenditure Summary (All Funds)
  • All Funds Revenue and Expenditure Detail
  • General Fund Summary
  • County Government Summary
  • GASB 87 and 96 Summary
  • Expenditure Comparison
  • Proposed Budget Position Changes
  • Compensation Summary

Section B - Revenues(PDF, 2MB)

Pay-As-You-Go Capital and Short-term Financing

Section E - Pay-As-You-Go Capital and Short-term Financing(PDF, 1MB)

  • General Capital Projects Fund
  • General Obligation (GO) Bonds
  • Short-Term Financing
  • Capital Program Project Lists
  • Utility Capital Projects Fund
  • Stormwater Capital Projects Fund

Glossary and Appendices

Section F - Glossary and Appendices(PDF, 2MB)

  • Glossary
  • Governmental Funds' Summaries
  • Selected Fiscal Indicators
  • FY 2023 Fund Balance Carryover & Utilization of County Manager Contingent
  • FY 2025 Proposed One-Time Funding Summary
  • Tax & Fee Compendium
  • Opioid Settlement Reserve
  • Budget Process
  • Financial and Debt Management Policies
  • Comprehensive Plan Summary
  • Housing Summary
  • Arlington County Profile