FY 2025 Budget Information

FY 2025 Budget


Arlington’s annual operating budget outlines spending on County programs, services, and administration for the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2024. The County Manager and County Board are committed to engaging the Arlington community in setting budget priorities.


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About the Budget

Arlington County’s budget follows an annual cycle, with the fiscal year starting July 1 and ending June 30. The fiscal year budget serves as the annual operating plan and is one of the three major strategic documents in the County regarding planning, in conjunction with the County Comprehensive Plan.

During the fiscal year, the Department of Management and Finance reviews the current budget at midyear and for the closeout of the fiscal year. As part of developing an annual budget, the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (FAAC) provides further review of the County Manager’s proposed budget. The County’s budget process is consistent each year, though specific dates may change.

How does the County develop a balanced budget? County Manager Mark Schwartz explains: 

Step 1: County Manager Gathers Input

When: Fall/Winter 2023-24

The County Manager gathers input from his leadership team, County employees, the County Board, and the Arlington community. This input helps frame and develop the Manager’s Proposed Budget.

The County is facing a $25-to-$40 million shortfall as our economy continues to evolve and adapt to changing realities. The County must make difficult budget choices to continue being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

And this is where you come in. The County Manager wants to gather your feedback for balancing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  

Share Your Feedback: How Should Arlington Prioritize Spending?

Why is community feedback important? County Manager Mark Schwartz explains:

Step 2: Proposed Budget Released

When: February 2024

The County Manager presents his Proposed FY 2024 Budget to the County Board at the monthly Board meeting in February.

What happens after the budget is proposed?

Step 3: County Board Gathers Feedback

When: February–April 2024

The County Board hosts a series of work sessions with County agencies to learn more about the specifics of their budget proposals. The Board also holds two public hearings and gathers feedback online as it considers the Manager’s budget proposal. Sessions are held in the County Board Room and/or virtually. All sessions are cablecast and live-streamed.

Step 4: Final Adoption by County Board

When: April 2024

Following extensive review and consideration, the County Board adopts the final FY 2025 operating budget. 

Curious what happened last year? Take a look at the Guide to the FY 2024 Adopted Budget, highlighting investments made across housing assistance, human services, transportation, public safety, and the environment.

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