Parks and Recreation

Program Summary

Local Parks and Recreation projects fall into seven main program categories: Parks Maintenance Capital Program, Parks Master Plan Program, Synthetic Turf Program, Trail and Bridge Modernization Program, Parks Land Acquisition and Public Space Program, Emerging Uses Program and Natural Resiliency Program. The last two of these programs are new to the CIP this year and information about those programs can be found in the Parks Master Plan Program narrative. The FY 2023 - FY 2032 CIP focuses on funding that supports critical maintenance for existing park amenities as well as the continuation of work on parks that have park master plans that have been adopted by the County Board or have undergone significant community planning efforts.

The Parks Maintenance Capital Program provides for recurring, systematic reinvestment in existing outdoor facilities to ensure efficient, safe, high-quality facilities. The program funds the replacement or major renovation of outdoor park and recreation facility assets, including athletic fields and courts, field and court lighting, playgrounds, picnic shelters, restrooms, parking and other miscellaneous park and recreation facilities. The program also addresses accessibility, safety and storm water improvements that are complementary to renovating the facilities.

The ten-year CIP includes Park Master Plan Program funding for several projects in the Crystal City area, including Metro Market Square and Center Park. The CIP also includes funding for Arlington Boathouse per the existing Programmatic Agreement with the National Park Service, National Capital Planning Commission, District of Columbia State Historic Preservation Office and Virginia State Historic Preservation Office for the development of a boathouse and related facilities on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.

The Trail and Bridge Modernization Program is largely focused on replacement and major renovation of the County's 39.7 miles of off-street, multi-purpose trails that are approaching the end of their useful life. The other component of this program focuses on the repair or replacement of pedestrian bridges and low-water fords on multi-purpose trails and hiking trails.

The purpose of the Parks Land Acquisition and Public Space Program is to have reserves on hand that allow the County to strategically acquire real property for parks and public spaces based on recommendations in the Public Spaces Master Plan. In addition to the acquisition of real property for park land, the program funds ancillary activities, such as project management, appraisals, surveys, environmental assessments, demolition, site restoration and fees to change the general land use plan and zoning classification.

The Synthetic Turf Program is primarily focused on replacement of existing synthetic turf athletic fields that are approaching the end of their useful life. Turf replacement typically involves removal of the existing turf and infill, verification of subgrade drainage and planarity, installation of new turf and field lines and backfilling with a turf infill. The funding for FY 2023 - FY 2032 also seeks to identify opportunities to convert grass fields to synthetic turf. Conversion involves excavation and exportation of existing soil, installation of drainage base materials, installation of athletic field drainage systems, improved stormwater management, installation of synthetic turf and in-fill, and installation of lighting and site amenities, including site furnishings, pathways, landscaping and permanent or portable restrooms, as needed.

The FY 2023 - FY 2032 CIP includes funding for two new program areas: the Emerging Uses Program and the Natural Resiliency Program. The Emerging Uses Program is aimed at addressing the recreational needs of users for new recreational activities, previously not provided among the assets within the County. The purpose of the Natural Resiliency Program area is to provide funding for the preservation, conservation and renovation of Arlington's natural resources and the design and installation of modifications within various parks to allow temporary flooding and inundation of parkland in prevention of downstream destruction by floodwaters.

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