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A Week of Sharing Wisdom

We invite parents* to hold Parent Chats ANYTIME.

A Parent Chat is a gathering of parents to have intentional conversations about raising children. We believe that when parents come together, they will make connections, share wisdom and experiences, and build a community of support – so that everyone can be the parents we aspire to be. Remember when they were little? Parents and caregivers chatted at the park and daycare, giving each other support and tips. We still need that as they grow!
*(NOTE: a “parent” is anyone involved in raising a child)

Host a Parent Chat today!

How? It can be as simple as:

  • Meet up with other parents
  • Have intentional conversations about parenting
  • Tell us what you talked about! @apcyf

Here are some details on who, where, and how to make a Chat successful.

WHO can I Chat with?

We suggest a small group – between 5-10 people. Get together with:

  • Friends
  • Neighbors, or
  • People from your child’s school, sports teams, clubs, scout troops or places of worship
WHERE can I hold a Chat?

Some ideas include:

HOW do I lead a chat?

Chats should be easy and enjoyable; below is a short how-to, with links to tools. Consider:

CLICK HERE for more information about running a Chat or download a Parent Chat instruction packet.

Questions? Contact Michael Swisher at or 703-228-1671 (TTY number 711)

  • CONNECT with other parents and caregivers
  • SHARE wisdom, experience, and concerns
  • BUILD a community of support with other parents