Youth Track and Field Instruction

There are no Instructional programs for the 2021/2022 school year. Please check back for Fall 2022 offerings.

Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation hosts two annual Track and Field instructional program where all participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport. Youth will learn the fundamentals of the sport in six sessions in the Fall or in the Spring season. This program is provided in conjunction with Apex Track Club.

Program Goals include:

  • Learn track and field skills in an welcoming and exciting environment and have fun!
  • Learn about: Running, sprinting, long jump, shot put, and relays.
  • Learn correct stretching and conditioning exercises to avoid injury.
  • Participation in individual and team exercises to promote fitness and teamwork.

Children ages 6 – 14 years can participate in the instructional program as detailed below.  Each session will split into groups based on age and experience.

Dates, Time and Location

There are no Instructional programs for the 2021/2022 school year. Please check back for Fall 2022 offerings.

Washington-Liberty High School. In case of inclement weather the program will be held unless there is danger due to electrical storms or other unsafe conditions.  The program will be held in the case of light rain or cooler temperatures so please ensure participants dress appropriately.

Cost and Registration

Registration: [No current registration]. This program does not fill instantly but we encourage you to register early to avoid late fee. All participants must register one week prior to the start of a session and pay before participating.  Participants may cancel before the program has begun, but are subject to the DPR Cancellation Policy. Cancellations due to injury or extended illness will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Please contact Apex or the county contact below. Fee Reductions available to those who qualify. When applicable, please apply for fee reduction before registration and payment.

Questions? Visit the Apex website or email Apex. County Contact: Kathryn Salyers

Additional Information: Arlington County can provide reasonable modifications for people with disabilities upon request.  Advance notice is welcome. TTY 711.

Likewise, Arlington County does not want fee to be a barrier for those who participate in County classes, camps or programs. Call 703-228-4747 to learn how to qualify for reduced fees. TTY (703) 228-4743.