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Registration for the Fall 2022 Adult Softball League Opens June 27, 2022

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Directions for Softball Free Agent Registration

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What2022 Adult Slow-Pitch Softball Men’s, Women’s, Coed and Social Divisions 

League InformationCOEDMEN’S & WOMEN’S

Who: Adults Ages 18 and Up

When: Spring – Week of April 11th through early July; Fall – Week of August 22nd through early November.

Cost: $870 per team plus $30 per non-Arlington resident. ($670 General Team Registration Fee, $200 Field Fund Fee)

RegistrationTeam and Free Agent registration opens Monday, June 27th and closes Sunday, July 31st.

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Game Days & Divisions

Monday – Men’s Advanced, Men's Intermediate, Men’s Beginner
Tuesday – Men’s Advanced, Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Beginner
Wednesday – Men’s Advanced, Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Beginner
Thursday – Coed Advanced, Coed Intermediate, Coed Beginner
Sunday – Coed Social League Intermediate

Divisions are based on team skill level, with Advanced being the highest skilled team and Beginner the most recreational.  Please consider the following when registering: 

Preseason Orientation & Rules Interpretation Clinic:  A preseason orientation & rules clinic will be held prior to the start of the season.  The orientation & clinic will be conducted by a representative from the contracted umpire provider. All new teams to the Arlington County softball league must have a representative in attendance.

Free Agent Showcase: A free agent showcase will be held prior to the start of each season. This is an opportunity for individual players to showcase their skills to existing teams who may be seeking additional players for their roster. All free agents are strongly encouraged to attend one or both showcases. There is no guarantee of team placement or pickup. It is recommended that teams looking to add additional players have a representative on hand.

Residency: All rosters must be comprised of at least 66% Arlington County and Arlington Business residents, and this percentage must be maintained throughout the season. All rosters must include the proper names, addresses, and contact information for all coaches, managers, captains, and players.  All non-residents and business residents are charged an additional $30.00 fee to participate. Proof of residency is required.


Advanced - Intended for teams whose core group of players has played together for several seasons, teams who have players with competitive baseball/softball experience and Champions of the previous season’s regular season and post-season tournaments. Home run limit (2). Games fields include Gunston, Barcroft #4, and Virginia Highlands. Moderate-High intensity level. Men's League (Monday - Wednesday), Coed (Thursday)

Intermediate - Intended for teams that have players with previous experience in recreational/social leagues and new teams with prior baseball/softball experience. Home run limit (1). Game fields include Gunston, Barcroft #4, Virginia Highlands, and Quincy. Moderate intensity level. Men's League (Monday - Wednesday),Coed (Thursday and Sunday)

Beginner - Beginner Divisions are intended for new & first-time players with little to no experience, teams with varying levels of ability that have few to no players who have played beyond a recreational/social league, all single gendered teams, and older groups of players. Home run limit (0). Game fields include Virginia Highlands, Quincy, and Utah. Low intensity level. Men's League (Monday - Wednesday), Coed (Thursday)

Coed - Coed Divisions are available in each of the aforementioned divisions (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner). Unique to the Coed Divisions are line-up rules, roster compositions and additional competitive balance rules. Teams are comprised of men and women. Coed line-ups are to consist of ten players (five men and five women). Coed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance League play on Thursday. Coed Social League Intermediate (Sunday). 

Coed Sunday Social League -  Unique to the Coed Divisions are line-up rules, roster compositions and additional competitive balance rules. Teams are comprised of men and women. Coed line-ups are to consist of ten players (five men and five women). Coed Sunday Social (Intermediate) League games are scheduled between the hours of 9am - 3pm on Sunday.

Teams are asked to give preferences of divisional play when registering online. However, the Athletic & Facility Services Division cannot guarantee that teams will receive their preference. Entry fees will be returned to all teams not placed into a league by the Commissioner.

League Format: Teams will play an 18 game schedule (doubleheader format) over nine (9) weeks.

Equipment: Teams must supply game balls, bats, gloves, and team uniforms. Any twelve (12) inch, 52 Cor, 300 Compression, restricted flight softball may be used.

Rules: Arlington County Adult Softball Rules(PDF, 179KB)

USA Softball Approved Bat ListApproved Bat List

Makeup Games: Make-up games will typically be played on the regular night of play at the end of the season. In some cases, make-up games will be played on alternate nights of play including Fridays and weekends.

Awards: At the conclusion of the regular season, the team in each league with the highest point total as determined by the league point system will receive championship t-shirts. The champions of the Spring post season tournament will receive a team trophy. 

For additional information please contact League Commissioner Javonte Campbel703-228-1835