Gymnastics Class Session Information

Gymnastics Session Information

Gymnastics classes run year-round in quarterly periods which align with the season.  Each session of classes is advertised through the Enjoy Arlingtoncatalog. Registration for each season starts for residents at least one month prior to the start of the class session.  It is important to register early (as soon as registration opens on the first day) as the program is popular and in high-demand.  Below are the seasons and rough dates for registration.  For more information on registration and dates and to view the class catalog click here.

Quarterly Sessions Registration begins at 7 a.m. online only
Fall Dates : mid September – mid December 2nd Wednesday in August
Winter Dates : mid January – spring break for public schools 2nd Wednesday in December
Spring Dates : mid April – year end of public schools 2nd Wednesday in March
Summer Dates : after July 4 – before Labor Day 3rd Wednesday in May

Current Session Information

If you or your child are already registered in a gymnastics class for the current session please read the below information before attending your first class.  Please read all information carefully.

Important Reminders:

  • SAFETY is the program’s main concern! Participants are allowed on the equipment only during scheduled class time.
  • A participant MUST be registered in a class in order participate.
  • In order to make the transition between classes run smoothly, please be prompt when arriving and departing.
  • Parents/participants complete a Hold Harmless when registering online, if participant registered in person or by phone instructors will collect any missing signatures on first day participants attend class.

CANCELLATION/REFUNDS are subject to $20 Administrative fee and must be made within 48 hours after the FIRST scheduled class by calling the Registration Officeat 703-228-4747. Press 1 to speak with a representative.  Refunds for medical reasons are considered on a case by case basis. For full refund policy, please see the Enjoy Arlington catalogor call registration office.  All refunds must be requested through the registration office. Email registration office.

  • We are unable to provide makeups for students missing classes for personal scheduling issues. You may not attend ANY other class than the one you have registered NO Exceptions!
  • Refunds for medical reasons are considered on a case by case basis and should be requested through the registration office directly. For full refund policy, please see the ENJOY Arlington brochure or call registration office or go to our registration system.
  • Please prepare for class before entering the gymnastics room. Cubbies are located at the end of the hallway through the glass doors for participants to place their belongings. Please do not place any valuables in the cubbies. The clothing Lost & Found container is located outside the gymnastics room doors. The jewelry Lost & Found drawer is located on a bookshelf near the gymnastics office. Any items left in the gym or cubbies will be placed in these locations


  • Comfortable athletic clothing on (including adults for parent-tot classes). NO Skirts or Leotards with skirts!
  • Shoes AND socks off (bare feet required for safety purposes)
  • Hair pulled up & away from face
  • Empty pockets & mouth
  • Jewelry off
  • Nametags on
  • Use the restroom – located by the front desk and in the respective locker room
  • Listening ears on
  • Stand back from the doors
  • Ready to have fun

Session Dates: WINTER 2020

Mondays January 27 March 30 2/17/2020
Tuesdays January 21 March 31 None
Wednesdays January 22 April 1 None
Thursdays January 23 April 2 None
Fridays January 24 April 3 None
Saturdays January 25 March 28 2/15/2020
Sundays January 26 March 29 2/16/2020

Other Information:

  • General Information for Winter 2020 Session
  • Preschool Themes for Winter 2020 Session
  • Due to safety considerations and traffic flow, parents are asked to drop off and pick up their children before and after class outside the gymnastics room doors. The instructor will open the doors at the beginning of class to welcome in participants. If you arrive early, please wait upstairs in the mezzanine area or in the hallway. Children will be dismissed to a parent outside the gymnastics room at the end of class.
  • All parents participating with any parent-tot class must read and follow our Parent-Tot Expectations
  • If a child has an accident, they may not return to the class with soiled clothes. Parents are responsible for cleaning up the areas where the accident occurred. Cleaning supplies are available near the office.
  • Parents are welcome to observe class from the mezzanine viewing area. Non-verbal reinforcement is encouraged. Please refrain from giving directions or corrections to class participants. This can cause a distraction to the class.
  • Remember: listening to the instructors, waiting in line, and following circuits are skills that come with practice.
  • When observing from the mezzanine area, all other children should be closely supervised at all times. Children should be walking, not running, in the halls before, during, or after classes.
  • If absolutely necessary, a parent/guardian may be invited by the instructor to help their child adjust.
  • Arlington County is committed to providing open and accessible programs to all of our residents.  If you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Office at 703-228-4740 or email Advanced notice is preferred.
  • Please refrain from flash photography for safety reasons.
  • For more information on inclement weather and cancellations, or call 703-228-4715.Listen or look for the ENJOY Arlington class information.
  • Click here for more information on registration for the upcoming session of classes

Important Contact Information

Gymnastics Director: vacant

For questions email to:

Inclement Weather: 703-228-4715

Registration Office 703-228-4747

Barcroft Sport and Fitness Center 703-228-0701