ConnectArlington is the future of digital telecommunication services for Arlington County. Currently it is a fiber-optic, high-speed, dedicated network that links County and Schools buildings, ensuring that the government, the schools and the community will benefit as demand for digital services continually increases over the long term.

• The Virginia Tech Research Center on Glebe Road in Arlington is currently connected to the ConnectArlington fiber. This connection links Virginia Tech facilities, including the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church and the main campus in Blacksburg. It also allows access to: 
Mid-Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance (MARIA) – an alliance of Virginia institutions: The University of Virginia, The College of William and Mary,  George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech, in support of research, education, healthcare and public service missions.
• Equinix and Internet2 for even broader connectivity to everything from Amazon Web Services to international research organizations.

Broadband Advisory Committee Recommendation

The recommendation document outlines the strategic, operational and tactical recommendations for ConnectArlington as developed by the Broadband Advisory Committee created by the Arlington County Manager. The tactical recommendations in the document will provide the foundation for the digital vision. It is imperative the County execute these items to leverage ConnectArlington as an asset.

Read the Broadband Advisory Committee Recommendation Document


Originally developed by Arlington County Government to connect all of the County’s facilities and the public school system together using high-speed broad band technology through the use of underground dark (dedicated) fiber, the County had the foresight to recognize the need for additional resources and technological capability in the future, therefore installing additional conduits in the ground to enable the County to expand its use of dark fiber.

The scenario is much like Arlington’s foresight to run the Metrorail through its major business corridors to set the stage for smart growth development. Today, this new phase of ConnectArlington readies Arlington to become a technology leader in the region, sharing that advanced technology and the opportunities it provides to enhance the business community. 

Notional Map of ConnectArlington(JPG, 614KB): High level map of the County owned and managed fiber optic network which spans the main commercial corridors of Arlington County and has links to County and school facilities.

For information on how to connect your business, contact the ConnectArlington Team or 703-228-7772.