Resolution in Support of Fair Nonpartisan Redistricting

WHEREAS, the organization OneVirginia2021 supports the belief that Virginia’s historical practice of redistricting by the majority party in each legislative chamber is an outdated practice that stifles political competition, discourages compromise and ensures continued control by the party in power; and

WHEREAS, OneVirginia2021 believes that Virginia’s state and congressional districts belong to its citizens and not to any legislator, interest group or political party; and

WHEREAS, OneVirginia2021 believes the redistricting process should not be a tool used by those in power to protect and bolster their power, but should be designed with the best interest of Virginia’s democracy and its citizens; and

WHEREAS, the need is critical to restore trust, compromise and fair competition to Virginia politics;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT THE ARLINGTON COUNTY BOARD fully supports the goals of OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting to depoliticize the redrawing of legislative district lines with an approach that advocates for fairness, transparency and accountability and keeps the residents’ interests in mind, encourages healthy debate and participation by the public in the process.