Neighborhood Services Division

The Neighborhood Services Division reinforces the County Board’s commitment to healthy and vibrant neighborhoods and works to actively involve residents in civic and neighborhood affairs. Our services coordinate the County’s various neighborhood preservation and improvement programs and are tailored to meet the needs of community members.

Arlington Neighborhoods Program

The Arlington Neighborhoods Program provides funding for a variety of capital improvement projects including installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, park improvements, neighborhood art and signs and beautification. Learn more about Arlington Neighborhoods Program.

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Program identifies, preserves, and protects Arlington’s historic resources. The program recognizes locally and nationally designated sites located in Arlington and guides development through the Historic Preservation Master Plan and the Historical Affairs Landmark Review Board. Learn more about Historic Preservation. Learn more about Historic Preservation.

Neighborhood College

The annual Neighborhood College Program is a civic engagement initiative for promoting an active and informed community. This is a free, eight-week bilingual program designed to develop strong community leaders and build broader, more diverse participation in Arlington’s civic life. Learn more about Neighborhood College.

Commercial Revitalization

The Commercial Revitalization Program provides for targeted commercial revitalization within specific commercial areas throughout Arlington. A strategic geographical focus helps maximize our capital investments and enhance the our image. This program incorporates the previous Streetscaping, Utility Undergrounding, and Business Conservation Program. Learn more about Commercial Revitalization.

Commissions & Committees

Several advisory groups guide the decisions and policies related to neighborhood services in Arlington.

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee | Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board | Design Review Committee