SPRC Members

The SPRC currently consists of Planning Commissioners and members of other County Board-appointed Commissions listed below. Commissions not currently represented on the SPRC can submit a request to the SPRC Chairman and notify the staff coordinator. Some Commissions choose to have an alternate member in case the primary member is not available for a specific meeting.

In addition, a number of citizen members (including ex-Planning Commissioners) also serve on the SPRC. The service of ex-Planning Commissioners is at their request or at the request of the SPRC Chairman. Policy requires that the SPRC Chairman and the Planning Commission Chairman agree on the SPRC member appointment.

SPRC Chair, Tenley Peterson

Advisory Group Representatives:

  • Arlington Commission for the Arts
  • Arlington County Civic Federation
  • Environment and Energy Conservation Commission
  • Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board
  • Housing Commission
  • Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee
  • Park and Recreation Commission
  • Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Transit Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Commission
  • Urban Forestry Commission
  • Citizen Representatives
  • Staff Site Plan Review Team
  • Membership specific to the Site Plan Proposal
    • Representative(s) of impacted Civic Association
    • Representative(s) of impacted NCAC
    • Representative(s) of impacted public-private revitalization organizations
    • Representative(s) of Tenant-Landlord Commission (if applicable)