Columbia Pike Four Mile Run Bridge Pedestrian Enhancements


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Columbia Pike Four Mile Run Bridge Pedestrian Enhancements
Project Update - November 2021
This project completed construction in November of 2021.

    About the Project

    Project Goals

    Improve the pedestrian experience on the Columbia Pike Four Mile Run Bridge by:

    • Widening the northern sidewalk to 10 feet (existing sidewalk width is 5 feet)
    • Providing lighting on the northern bridge sidewalk (Carlyle-style lighting, consistent with the corridor)
    • Replacing split-rail style guardrails on approaches with sturdier metal railings

    View the project plan.

    Project Background

    Throughout the engagement process for the Columbia Pike west end project, County staff received feedback about the pedestrian experience on the bridge’s north sidewalk. Concerns centered around the sidewalk feeling too narrow and too poorly lit at night to feel comfortable or safe.

    Following community meetings in spring 2019, staff began exploring options for improving the northern sidewalk and determined there is room for sidewalk expansion within the existing bridge width. This expansion would provide a 10-foot-wide shared sidewalk space and Carlyle-style lighting on the bridge’s north side.

    On Jan. 23, 2021, the County Board voted unanimously to approve the award of an approximately $1 million contract, including contingency, to widen the Columbia Pike Bridge over Four Mile Run’s sidewalk and perform maintenance and minor repairs to the bridge deck. Implementation of the improvements started in April 2021, with completion expected in fall 2021.

    What to Expect During Construction:
    • Work hours will generally be 7 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
      • Work on weekends and holidays is subject to prior approval by the County.
    • Lane closures will occur weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm.
    • The bridge’s northern sidewalk will be closed - People walking, biking and rolling will be detoured to the southern sidewalk using the crosswalks at Four Mile Run Drive and South Dinwiddie/Columbus Street.
    • During work hours, loud noise is anticipated as the contractor uses equipment to break up existing concrete and other items.


    Public Process

    County staff shared information about the pedestrian enhancements for the Columbia Pike Four Mile Run Bridge at several community meetings and events, including:

    • Arlington Mill Civic Association – November 2019
    • Wandering the West Pike – May 2019
    • Arlington Mill Farmers’ Market – April 2019