S. Arlington Ridge Road and S. Lang Street Safety Improvements


S Lang St & S Arlington Ridge Rd, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map


In Design


  • Intersection of South Arlington Ridge Road and South Lang Street, near Gunston Middle School
  • Intersection of South Arlington Ridge Road and 28th Street South/South June Street


In Design

As part of this project, the crossing of South Arlington Ridge Road and 28th Street South/South June Street South has been identified as an additional location for improvements that will increase safety for pedestrians trying to cross Arlington Ridge Road. This intersection, which is used by students from the Aurora Hills neighborhood that attend Gunston Middle School, is currently in design.


On July 18, 2020, the County Board approved a contract with M&F Concrete Inc. to construct the improvements at South Lang Street. Work began in November 2020 and was completed in March 2021.

Arlington Ridge Road Lang Street Landscape exhibit
Landscape plan for South Arlington Ridge Road and South Lang Street - click for larger version

About the Project

Arlington Ridge Road was included in the 2004 Arterial Transportation Management Study. The study suggested several recommendations to improve safety in this corridor for all modes of transportation. View the study’s proposed concept designs

Eliminating the slip lane

As part of our efforts to improve safety around school zones, this project will close the southbound Lang Street slip lane in order to eliminate the conflicts between pedestrians and drivers.

In May 2018 County staff conducted a pilot to verify that closing the slip lane would not back up traffic. The 3-day pilot showed acceptable levels of service and gaps between vehicles for safe turning movements.

The elimination of the Lang Street slip lane and other project design features will increase safety for Gunston students and residents wanting to cross South Lang Street and Arlington Ridge Road.

Other design features

A concrete median on Arlington Ridge Road will be installed and the existing bus laybys will be replaced with wider sidewalks for safer bus access and to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians. The slip lane will be replaced with low maintenance shrubs and trees to increase green space.

Traffic data

South Arlington Ridge Road: posted speed limit is 25 mph, 20 mph at the intersection when school beacons are flashing.

Average speeds on the Lang Street slip lane and Arlington Ridge Road are 10 miles above the posted speed limit.

Average daily traffic volumes:

  • South Arlington Ridge Road northbound: 4,770
  • South Arlington Ridge Road southbound: 5,500
  • South Lang Street (slip lane): 2,100

Public Process

County staff presented the proposed plan to the Arlington Ridge Civic Association on Jan. 17, 2019, and Sept. 18, 2019.

Residents can send comments on the design, especially on how the new green space can be used, to Ridgeroad_lang@arlingtonva.us


Project cost will be shared between Arlington County and the Virginia Department of Transportation.