Clarendon West (Red Top Cab Properties)


The 3.41 acre site plan area is comprised of three compositions of properties, 1) the block generally bound by Washington Boulevard, the Beacon Apartments, 12th Street North, and 13th Street North; 2) the block bound by N. Irving Street, the alley behind a retail strip along Wilson Boulevard, N. Hudson Street, and 13th Street North; and 3) properties located between N. Johnson Street and 13th Street North, and between the New England Antique Furniture Repair shop and the Bromptons at Clarendon dwellings. The properties on the east side of 13th Street North operate as the Red Top Cab of Arlington headquarters.,  22201  View Map

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This project was approved by the County Board on Oct. 20, 2015. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #39).

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About the Project

Site Plan #438

The site plan proposes to redevelop the Red Top Cab properties in Clarendon with three free-standing multi-family residential buildings consisting of 584 dwelling units and 1,295 square feet of retail use.  Building heights will range from 55 feet adjacent to 13th Street North and will taper up in height away from existing single family dwellings to a maximum height of 110 feet.  The resulting density of the proposal is 3.85 FAR.  Further information about the project is:

  • Requested vacations of portions of N. Ivy Street and 13th Street North.
  • Requested bonus density of .85 FAR (131,218 s.f.) associated with achievement of LEED Gold, and contributions for affordable dwelling units and community facilities.
  • Requested Zoning Ordinance modifications for parking ratio, compact parking, and built form regulations of the Clarendon Revitalization District.
  • Zoning Ordinance amendment related to maximum building heights within the Clarendon Revitalization District.

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