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Located on the south side of Glebe Road between S. Mead and S. Lang Streets and adjacent to Four Mile Run, just north of the County boundary. The residents of this area are represented by the Long Branch Creek Civic Association., Arlington, VA 22206  View Map

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This project was approved by the County Board on May 17, 2016. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions(Item #35).

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About the Project

Site Plan #431

The applicant, AHC Inc., was approved by the County Board to construct two five-story apartment buildings and received a partial rezoning. The project demolished the two existing four-story apartment buildings (built in 1961). The existing buildings provided 137 dwelling units, of which 110 were Committed Affordable Units (CAFs).

Project details:

  • The partial rezoning reclassified part of the site from “R-6,” a one-family dwelling district, to “RA8-18,” a residential apartment district, which comprises the remainder of the site.
  • Once constructed, the two apartment buildings (renamed The Apex) will provide 256 CAFs and 241 parking spaces.
  • The project will contain 3 CAFs affordable to households earning less than 40% of area median income (AMI), 53 CAFs affordable up to 50% of AMI, 161 CAFs affordable up to 60% AMI and 39 CAFs affordable up to 80% AMI.

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