750 N. Glebe Road (Mazda Block)


The 121,574 sq. ft. (2.79 ac.) site is located at 750 N. Glebe Road bound on the east by N. Glebe Road, on the north by Wilson Boulevard, on the far northwest by N. Vermont Street, on the west by N. Tazewell Street, and on the southeast by Seventh Street North., Arlington, VA 22203  View Map

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This project was approved by the County Board on June 18, 2016. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #42).

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About the Project

Site Plan #440

The applicant proposes to rezone the property to RA4.8 and to redevelop the Rosenthal Mazda dealership and adjacent parcels with a 12-story building consisting of 483 dwelling units and 68,185 square feet of retail including a new grocery store and a car rental business. Building heights will range from 155 feet at Wilson Boulevard and N. Glebe Road, tapering to the south and west to 53 feet along N. Tazewell Street. The project density is proposed to be 4.5 FAR. Further information about the project is:

  • Requested vacations of a public alley bisecting the block from north to south, and dedication of a portion of the property beyond the existing curb line.
  • Requested bonus density of 1.26 FAR (153,183 s.f.) associated with achievement of LEED Gold and Energy Star, and contributions for affordable dwelling units.
  • Requested Zoning Ordinance modifications for bonus density and bonus height, density exclusions, and ground floor retail FAR.

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