600 N. Glebe Road – Harris Teeter Site


Addresses: 600 N. Glebe Road, 616 N. Glebe Road, 624 N. Glebe Road, 640 N. Glebe Road, and 525 N. Thomas St. The 269,558 sq. ft. (6.1 acre) site is bounded by North Glebe Road (north) and North Thomas Street (south)., Arlington, VA 22203  View Map

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This project was approved by the County Board on Nov. 16, 2019.

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About the Project

Site Plan #72 & #315

The applicant, SEHT North Glebe, LLC, proposes redevelopment of the existing Harris Teeter grocery and American Service Center site with a mixed-use project, including a new flagship-level Harris Teeter, an additional ~10,000 sq. ft. of retail, 732 multi-family apartment units, and a 5/8-acre public open space. The applicant proposes to re-zone a portion of the site to R-C, Multiple-family Dwelling and Commercial District,. In addition, it proposes to change the GLUP designation for 525 N. Thomas St. from “Low-Medium” Residential to “High-Medium” Residential Mixed-Use.  Additional project details include:

Removing 600 N. Glebe Rd. (Harris Teeter) and 525 N. Thomas St. (119,089 sq. ft. total), from SP #72 and incorporating it into SP #315. Further, incorporating 616, 624, and 640 N. Glebe Road (ASC properties) into SP #315.

Major Site Plan Amendment:

  • Site area of 269,558 sq. ft. (6.19 acres)
  • Three (3)  buildings, with residential and retail
  • 3.21 FAR (up to 3.24 FAR approved)
  • 732 residential units
  • New Harris Teeter and ground-level retail (77,575 sq. ft. total)
  • Three-level structured parking garages (942 parking spaces total)
  • New public park (~0.63 acres)
  • Extensions of N. Tazewell St. and N. Randolph St. into the site


  • Reduce residential parking requirement below one space per unit
  • Reduce required number of loading spaces
  • Other modifications as necessary to achieve the site plan


  • From C-O-2.5, C-2, RA8-18, and SD districts to R-C

GLUP Amendment:

  • From “Low-Medium” Residential to “High-Medium” Residential Mixed-Use for 525 N. Thomas St.

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