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Rending of project

Site Plan #428


Located on the south side of Cathedral Lane, 200 feet west of N. Glebe Road and immediately north of Arlington Boulevard.



The project was approved by the County Board on April 20, 2013. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #5).

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About the Project

The applicant proposes renovating an existing building and using this 17,000-square-foot site for a cat-only veterinary practice. The proposed project would:

  • Renovate an existing two-story brick office building that was constructed in 1960 and contains approximately 4,500 square feet of gross floor area, and an associated parking lot with 11 spaces. The building will remain essentially the same in appearance.

A site plan is required because a veterinary office is only permitted in the “C-O-1.5” zoning district by site plan. The surrounding neighborhood is commercial (mostly auto-oriented fast-food establishments) and institutional (St. Thomas More Cathedral). The office building was constructed by-right when the property was zoned “C-2”.  In 1979, the County Board rezoned the entire block to “C-O-1.5” as part of a rezoning and site plan application for a Gino’s fast food restaurant (now a McDonald’s) on Glebe Road (SP #149). Although the subject property was included in the rezoning, it was not included in the site plan. Most recently, the building had served as an office building for Catholic Charities.

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