11th and Vermont


The 55,667 sq. ft. (1.28 acre) site is located on two contiguous blocks at 1031 N. Vermont St. The site is bisected by 11th Street North; the north block is bounded by 11th Street North (south) and North Vermont Street (west); the south block is bounded by 11th Street North (north), North Vermont Street (west) and North Utah Street (east). The site abuts the Westview at Ballston Metro development to the south and east, the Vermont Court development to the north and the Victoria at Ballston development to the east., Arlington, VA 22201  View Map

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View of North Parcel Townhouses from 11th Street

Update: A Site Plan Amendment was filed on September 30, 2019 for changes to the approved 2018 site plan. 

This project was approved by the County Board on February 24, 2018. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #22).

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About the Project

Site Plan #447

***NEW — 2020 Site Plan Amendment:  A new applicant, Ballpark Development Partners, LLC, propose amendments to the approved 2018 site plan.  There is not change in site location or site area.

Details of the proposed site plan amendment include:

  • A proposed increase in total residential units from 84 units to 108 units
    • A proposed decrease in North Block units from 12 units to 10 units
    • A proposed increase in South Block units from 72 units to 98 units
  • A proposed increase of 4,488 square feet of total residential gross floor area, and resulting increase in density of 0.13 FAR
  • A proposed increase in total parking spaces from  126 to 134 parking spaces
    • Proposed increase in North Block parking ratio from 1.33 spaces per unit to 2.2 spaces per unit
    • Proposed decrease in South Block parking ratio from 1.5 spaces per unit to 1.14 spaces per unit
  • Minor increases in main roof height on both the North and South blocks.  Changes to building massing and form.
  • Proposed elimination of the on-site alley on the south block and relocation of the building’s parking and loading entrances to the southern property line

2018 Site Plan Approval:The applicant, NVR Inc., proposes to redevelop an existing two-story church and adjacent surface parking lot on a 55,667 sq. ft. (1.28 acre) site consisting of two contiguous blocks with 12 townhouse units (north block) and 73 multifamily and townhouse units (south block). The project density is proposed to be 2.75 FAR for the south block and 27.15 units per acre for the north block.

Additional project details include:

  • Request to amend General Land Use Plan (GLUP) from “Low-Medium” Residential to “High-Medium” Residential Mixed Use on a portion of the south block
  • Request to rezone south block from R-5, One Family—Restricted Two Family Dwelling District to R-C, Multiple Family Dwelling and Commercial District
  • Request for vacation of existing public utilities easement and various encroachments into public sidewalk easement for proposed balconies
  • Proposed development on South Block (2.75 FAR):
    • 14 townhouse units (four stories)
    • 58 units in a seven-story multifamily building (76 feet main roof height)
    • 110 parking spaces (14 of which are tandem spaces) in two-level below grade garage
  • Proposed development on North Block (27.15 units per acre):
    • 12 townhouse units (four stories)
    • 18 parking spaces (including two guest spaces and eight tandem spaces)
  • Site Plan infrastructure and improvements include:
    • LEED Silver certification
    • Public Art contribution
    • Utility Fund contribution
    • Base ADU contribution plus additional on-site affordable housing contribution due to the GLUP amendment
    • Streetscape improvements
    • Landscaping treatment at terminus of N. Utah Street

Project Materials

2020 Site Plan Amendment

2018 Applicant Materials

2018 Meeting Materials

County Board Public Hearing

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Site Plan Review Committee

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