1124-1138 N. Stuart Street (Ballston Oak Townhomes)


N. Stuart Street (east) & Washington Boulevard (north), Arlington, VA 22201  View Map

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Ballston Oak Townhomes Conceptual Rendering

Site Plan #436


The site is bounded by N. Stuart Street (east) and Washington Boulevard (north). The site is immediately adjacent to single family houses to the south and east, and townhouses to the west. The residents of this area are represented by the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association.


This project was approved (with changes) by the County Board on Dec. 12, 2015. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #33).

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About the Project

The applicant, Stuart-Ballston, LLC, requests a new site plan to redevelop the site with twelve (12) new townhouse dwelling units in four buildings. The project would demolish four (4) existing single family homes on site.

Proposed project details:

  • Redevelopment to include the construction of four new buildings along N Stuart Street. Each building would have three dwelling units. Three of the buildings, proposed to have frontage on N. Stuart Street, would be 4 stories in height. A fourth building, proposed to be 3 stories in height, would be located at the rear of the lot.
  • The proposed project density is 21 units per acre.
  • The project would provide 27 off-street parking spaces (2.2 spaces per unit); proposal includes a two-car garage per unit at ground floor and 3 on-site surface parking spaces.

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