TJ Upper Field Turf Conversion


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TJ Upper Project

Design Process Begins: 4th Quarter 2019

Design Process Ends: 3rd Quarter 2021

Construction Begins: 4th Quarter 2021

Construction End: 3rd Quarter 2022 

About the Project

It’s time to plan the conversion of TJ’s Upper Rectangular field to synthetic turf.  Based on the recommendation in the Public Spaces Master Plan and approved by the County Board in the Adopted FY 2019-2028 Capital Improvement Plan,  the goal of this project is to convert the existing natural grass field to synthetic turf; add spectator seating, signage, site furnishings, athletic equipment, pathways, landscaping; remove invasive plants, and make ADA and stormwater management improvements.

About the Process

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, staff presented the existing conditions and project scope followed by an open house where participants were able to ask questions and provide feedback. View the meeting minutes here. Online feedback was collected through Jan. 17 and all comments can be found here.

TJ Upper Field Turf Conversion Public Engagement Timeline(PNG, 67KB)

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Synthetic Turf Program