Bluemont Junction Trail Milling and Repaving


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Bluemont Junction Trail Milling and Repaving


Phase I – Main Trail and lateral Trail Connectors  - Milling and Repaving

Design Process Begins: 2nd Quarter 2020

Design Process Ends: 3rd Quarter 2021

Construction Begins: 4th Quarter 2021

Construction Ends: 4th Quarter 2021


Phase II – Realignment of three Trail Connectors - Design and Construction

Design Process Begins: 4th Quarter 2021

Design Process Ends: 1st Quarter 2022

Construction Begins: 2nd Quarter 2022

Construction Ends: 3rd Quarter 2022


About the Project

The Bluemont Junction Trail project scope will include milling and repaving as part of the County’s Trail Modernization Program and will improve the current conditions of this heavily used multi-use trail.

In addition to the main trail, there are currently16 existing trail connectors. An assessment of the existing connectors helped inform surface improvements, realignment and better accessibility. The realigned trail connector improvements will also bring the selected areas up to ADA standards.

Routine milling and repaving projects like this one are necessary to prevent unsafe surfaces cracks and uneven surfaces.

The project was divided into two phases. The Phase I updated the main trail together with most of the trail connectors. The Phase II updates the remaining three trail connectors that need to be realigned for ADA compliance while minimizing impact to existing trees.


About the Process

Phase I is complete.

Phase II will survey, engineer and design the remaining three trail connectors. Construction is anticipated to begin and end 2nd Quarter 2022.


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