Demolition 4437 18th St North

The County has purchased the property at 4437 18th St North as part of a stormwater improvement program to provide overland relief or expand the storm system capacity and reduce flood risk to the community.

Project Phases

The home will be removed from the site and the area where the house once stood will be re-planted with low growing native plants. 

Project Schedule

The contractor began work the week of March 4, 2024 to survey the property and install erosion and sediment controls.  The contractor will conduct asbestos removal starting on March 11th.  The current schedule is that the home will be demolished on March 18. The site will be temporarily stabilized following the demolition.  The site planting will occur when the weather is appropriate for planting, which may not be immediately following the demolition.  

The contractor will take all necessary precautions to contain the asbestos materials. 


Date Event  Meeting Materials 
 Oct 26. 2023, 7 PM   


 Informational Meeting


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 Sept 7, 2023    Spout Run Joint Civic Association meeting  Meeting presentation

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