Concord Mews Pond Restoration


In Design

  • Summer 2022 - Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Funding Allocated for Design
  • Fall 2022 - Preliminary Site Assessment (Tree Inventory, Surveying)
  • 2022-24 Project Design 


About the Project

The Concord Mews Pond was originally installed in the 1970s-80s to manage stormwater for Concord Mews Condominiums. It was designed to temporarily store and slowly release stormwater runoff. Over the years, the inflow and outflow pipes were damaged, and the pond filled with sediment. This project will restore the pond while maintaining the desirable habitat, shade and screening currently in place.

The project approach will aim to:

  • Restore the pond functionality (inflow, outflow, ponding area) so it captures and absorbs runoff and protects water quality, 
  • Ensure long-term stability and safety of the pond and berm, 
  • Provide a wooded natural space and wildlife habitat.
Date  Location and Description  Meeting Materials 
November 7, 2022  Presentation for Green Valley Civic Association - In Person, Drew Elementary/Community Center Presentation(PDF, 785KB)
 February 28, 2022  Presentation for Concord Mews Condominiums - Virtual Presentation(PDF, 2MB)
 February 7, 2022  Presentation for Green Valley Civic Association - Virtual  Presentation(PDF, 1MB)