Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Site Evaluation

The Thomas Jefferson Working Group presented their site evaluation recommendations in a report to the County Board at its January 24, 2015 meeting. The group generally agreed that the new school could fit on the western side of the Jefferson site, but was divided whether the school should be built immediately. The final report includes a summary of conclusions, site guidelines and the group’s unified endorsement of a comprehensive facilities and open space planning effort.

The Thomas Jefferson Working Group has released their final report. View the documents:

The Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Site Evaluation was a five-month study led by the County’s Planning Division and a community working group that  considered the feasibility of building a new elementary school at the TJ Site.

In response to increased demands for more seats in schools, the School Board identified Thomas Jefferson as a preferred site in the Arlington Public Schools Capital Improvement Plan in June 2014. To consider the use of the County-owned land parcel, the County Board adopted a TJ Working Group Charge and appointed members to the group in September. The TJ Working Group brings together community members, Schools and County staff for a robust dialogue about the future of this site. County Board member Mary Hynes and School Board Vice Chair Dr. Emma Violand-Sanchez are liaisons for the study.

The TJ Working Group began meeting in September and will present specific recommendations to the County Board on January 24, 2015. County goals identified for the site include:

  • Retain the current wooded eastern end of “TJ Park” as is (area along the western portion of
    South Irving Street and stretching west along Arlington Blvd)
  • Ensure no significant loss of green space and no net loss of recreational programming,
    including 2 full size rectangular fields and other amenities outlined in the study area
  • Maintain a cohesive park
  • Ensure adequate consideration given to neighborhood impacts of traffic and parking
  • Enhance safety on existing pedestrian walkways and bikeways
  • Ensure that the community center would remain available for use
  • Ensure that building massing is compatible with adjacent neighborhood



The TJ Site Evaluation process is a collaboration among the County, Arlington Public Schools, the TJ Working Group and the community. Learn more about the process.


All project documents related to the TJ Site Evaluation process will be posted to this site. View presentations, meeting notes, news releases, and more.

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