Crystal City Building Heights Study: Process, Scope and Timeline


The study will be divided into four phases:

  1. Development of guidance to assist evaluation of building height impacts
  2. Building heights assessment
  3. Policy guidance update
  4. Zoning Ordinance amendment

Community engagement will be incorporated throughout the study process. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission will serve as the primary venue where staff will engage with community members. A series of LRPC meetings and potential online engagement opportunities will provide for input and feedback. As part of the LRPC process, staff envisions inviting and including other stakeholders, including representatives from the following civic associations and advisory commissions:

When the study transitions from the development of policy guidance to any potential Zoning Ordinance amendments, the Zoning Committee (ZOCO) of the Planning Commission will also be engaged to provide input.



The study will examine the appropriateness of changes to height and potentially other, related regulations in the Sector Plan and C-O Crystal City zoning district. These other regulations would include, but are not limited to, density, bulk plane angle, and architectural features.

The appropriateness of a change in building heights will be evaluated by analyzing impacts to the open space and transportation networks, modeling building heights to examine shade impacts on open space, and evaluating the potential to help achieve community benefits outlined in the Sector Plan.


This study is on hold. There will be no further updates or community engagement for the remainder of 2023.


Timeline Milestone
November 2020
  • LRPC meeting to review Sector Plan background and proposed scope of study
First Quarter – Third Quarter 2021
  • Development of guidance to assist evaluation of building height impacts
  • Building heights assessment
  • Policy guidance update
  • Zoning Ordinance amendment


All materials related to these milestones are available on the Study’s Documents page.