Historic Preservation Master Plan Update

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Master Plan Update

The Historic Preservation Master Plan (HPMP) update will equip Arlington with a new vision for historic preservation work over the next decade. Through broad community outreach, this process will update the 2006 HPMP, which is one of 11 elements in the Comprehensive Plan. The HPMP helps integrate the County’s efforts to identify, evaluate, document, and preserve its historic resources and heritage.

Process, Scope, & Timeline

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The HPMP update will include an analysis of the existing HPMP and of historic preservation work in Arlington since its adoption. Robust community engagement will also inform the update.

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The 2006 HPMP continues to guide the key work and programmatic activities of Arlington’s Historic Preservation Program. Overall, the County has made great strides towards completing the major goals and implementation recommendations of the original plan. The update process will encompass a detailed analysis of the existing HPMP, a thorough examination of the County’s historic preservation work since the plan’s adoption, and outreach to stakeholders and the broader community.

The update will reflect the commitment of Arlington County’s Historic Preservation Program to equity. We celebrate the narratives of all Arlingtonians and do our best to share those narratives, both as they connect to, and exist separately from, the built environment. We are committed to protecting the histories of people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, women, and all who have historically been overlooked. The County’s vision of being a diverse and inclusive community where each person is important cannot be accomplished without this work of understanding the past.