Streetlight Project

The Streetlight Project contains different types of projects that are intended to implement operational improvements as well as build new infrastructure where there are existing gaps. Many of the streetlight initiatives are based on the goals outlined in the Streetlight Management Plan (SMP). This page will provide updates on some of the streetlight projects in the County.

Operational Projects

The County initiated several projects with the goals of improving reliability, maintenance response times, and installing newer technologies. These initiatives are capital projects involving construction and equipment installation.

Lighting Technology Upgrades for County-owned Lights

Arlington County started converting its streetlights to LEDs through this program in 2010. The conversion of existing streetlight luminaires to LED technology enhances service reliability and saves operational costs. LED bulbs last up to five times longer than traditional bulbs and consume less than half of the electricity. Additionally, due to the lower failure rate of LEDs, significant operational savings are achieved.

Since the conversion program started, approximately 85% of the County streetlight inventory has been converted. Most of the major activity centers and major corridors are completed. This project will now focus on the remainder of the locations. The target goal for this project is to complete the LED upgrades for County lights by 2022. This goal may be adjusted if funding levels fluctuate.

Lighting Technology Upgrades for Dominion-owned Lights

The same potential environmental benefits and reliability improvements from LED technology apply to the large inventory of Dominion Energy (DE) owned streetlights. The County is working with DE to convert their (approximately 11,000) lights to LED technology. These conversions for DE streetlights are occurring in two ways:

(1) DE will reactively upgrade any failed non-LED light to LED as a part of its maintenance effort.

(2) The County will initiate corridor or block-based project for LED conversion. Typically, these projects will involve 50-100 lights.

The DE LED conversions are expected to take at least 5 years pending budget approval.

Ownership Clean-up Projects

The current mixture of streetlights owned by either Dominion Energy (DE) or the County within the same area creates major challenges for troubleshooting and repair. This ownership clean-up project will involve removing existing DE streetlights from the County districts (areas where only County lights will exist moving forward). By clearly delineating the ownership areas, the County and DE will benefit from more streamlined troubleshooting and maintenance.

The tasks in this project vary in the level of complexity and cost. Tasks are selected based on the immediate operational urgency and complexity to complete. The list below summarizes a list of active tasks. This project is ongoing and expected to be constantly evolving.

Ownership Clean-up Projects (Updated May 2020)

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital projects are generally long-term construction projects that require survey, design, and major construction efforts to complete.  These projects are typically initiated through the County’s CIP process. The projects below are currently in various stages of design and construction.

Army Navy Lighting Improvements

The Army Navy Street Lighting Improvement Project will install new lighting along approximately half a mile segment of Army Navy Drive from Army Navy Country Club entrance to South Lynn Street. This segment currently has no streetlight but is heavily used by motorist and pedestrians from nearby large high-rise residentials buildings.

The project will install approximately fifteen Dominion Energy owned and operated light poles. Existing streetlights provide illumination on the south side of Army Navy Drive from the Country Club entrance and on the north side of this project are illuminated by existing lights and lights to be installed by another County project on east side of S. Lynn Street. Therefore, this project will fill the lighting gap in this segment of Army Navy Drive.

December 2022 Update: Dominion Energy has completed their design process and submitted a permit for review with Arlington County. Once approved, implementation is anticipated within 4-6 months.


N Glebe Rd and N Old Glebe Rd Interchange Lighting Improvement

The N Glebe Rd and N Old Glebe Rd interchange currently do not have any lighting. This project will install new lighting along these roads, side streets, and ramps.

While pedestrian activity is less in this area, some bus stops and conflicting movements in the ramps warrants good lighting. There will be approximately 45 Dominion Energy owned light poles. 


Completed Projects