Same Day Access (Adult Behavioral Health): Start Services Today!

You can get mental health and substance use services today through our Same Day Access program.

When can I come in?

Hours of operation are:

  • Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

What do I bring?

  • Photo ID—for example, DMV or other government-issued photo ID, school or work picture ID
  • Proof of address—for example, recent bill, probation & parole letter, homeless/shelter verification, mail addressed to you within the last month
  • Proof of income—for example, last two paystubs, W-2, social security eligibility letter
  • Insurance card
  • Bottles of any current medications
  • Hospital discharge paperwork
  • Prior mental health/substance use treatment records

hands signing document

Where do I go?

2120 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22204 | Map and Directions

There is free parking in the garage adjacent to the building or you may utilize the metered street parking just outside the building. The office is also easily accessible by public transportation off the following bus lines: ART 42, 77 and 45 and Metro 16Y.

What do I do once I get there?

Sign in at the front desk reception area and let the receptionist know you are here for an intake for mental health or substance use treatment.

How long does it take?

People who are applying for services may expect to take between two to three hours.

How much does it cost?

If you have Medicare and Medicaid, we bill them. If not, services are offered on a sliding scale based on income.

Where do I call if I have any questions?


What is Same Day Access?

Arlington County is committed to providing quality care and service to the members of our community. When it comes to mental health and substance use needs there are often challenges to accessing services when people are most in need and motivated to begin the recovery process. We are pleased to be able to offer same day access for the members of the community to allow walk in assessments and cut down on the wait time to access mental health and substance use treatment services.

What is the process?

Individuals who are interested in seeking mental health or substance use treatment services can access a service eligibility assessment on a walk-in basis, without an appointment. During this assessment it will be determined if you meet criteria to be referred to a treatment within the agency.

After you sign in at the front desk reception area and let the receptionist know you are here for an intake for mental health or substance use treatment, you will receive a packet of forms to fill out to gather basic information.  You will then be seen by a financial eligibility worker where basic insurance information will be gathered to determine fees. There is a nursing health screen done through the intake process. You will then meet with an Intake Clinician to determine service eligibility and will be referred as appropriate.

Expect to have a basic health screen and obtain appropriate community referrals for primary health care as needed. The health screen broadly evaluates the individual’s health status, medical history, medications and body mass index (BMI). The nurse also measures the individual’s vital signs to acquire baseline measurements for the record. This may be declined.

Can I get medications?

You will not see a psychiatrist during the intake appointment and medications will not be prescribed. Referrals for psychiatric appts will be provided once a client has connected to a case manager or therapist.  Emergency psychiatric appointments will be arranged as needed. Clients must engage in mental health or substance use treatment to receive medications.

Can I fill out forms before I come in?


Can I get housing?

This intake process is not connected with housing. Please click here for housing information.