Welcome to Destination 2027!


Welcome to Destination 2027, making a decade of difference!

In 2018, a steering committee of our local leaders convened to focus on disparities in health and to create a plan to achieve health equity by 2027 through systems change.

Health equity exists when everyone has access to the conditions needed for optimal health and well-being.

The Destination 2027 Steering Committee completed its process in December 2018. In the A Decade of Difference: Destination 2027 Steering Committee Report, the steering committee concludes:

  • The presence of health inequities in Arlington is inconsistent with who we are and what we value as a community.
  • The Destination 2027 Steering Committee members, as well as many other leaders across Arlington, are currently working to improve the community conditions in Arlington – making it possible to take action to achieve health equity.
  • We decision makers in the government, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors have the power and responsibility to change the conditions that our neighbors experience to achieve health equity in Arlington by 2027.

Now is the time for Arlington to adopt a health equity policy, install an oversight entity, and apply equity considerations in decision making across all sectors to become the community it aspires to be –  to achieve health equity for all of Arlington.

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