Destination 2027 Steering Committee

Welcome to the Destination 2027 Steering Committee!

The Destination 2027 Steering Committee convened for a 12-month process to create a plan to achieve health equity by 2027 through systems change. Health equity exists when everyone has access to the conditions needed for optimal health and well-being.

The Destination 2027 Steering Committee first reviewed the four assessments conducted by the Arlington County Public Health Division that follow the Mobilizing for Action through Partnerships and Planning (MAPP) framework.

The second phase of the work was to identify key issue areas for achieving health equity in Arlington by 2027, including developing a criteria framework.  With key issue areas identified, the Destination 2027 Steering Committee compiled its final report, A Decade of Difference – D2027 Report to summarize Arlington’s Plan for Achieving Health Equity by 2027.

Based on the recommendations in the Final Report, The Destination 2027 Implementation Workforce convened on transitioning Destination 2027 from planning to action:

  1. Adopt a County Government Health Equity Policy in 2019. The policy is consistent with the County vision to be a “diverse and inclusive” community.
  2. Establish an oversight entity to provide governance over Health Equity implementation efforts. The entity will build sustainability, accountability, and credibility as Arlington works to achieve health equity. The oversight entity will also encourage and facilitate adoption of similar policies in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.
  3. Use key questions in the government, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors to plan and assess policies, program, and budgets for achieving health equity:
    • Who benefits?
    • Who’s burdened?
    • Who’s missing?
    • How do we know?


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